Course Schedule

Week 1

M 3/26 Syllabus Review/Icebreaker
T 3/27 Discussion: "Wikipedia Is Good For You?"; Intro to Chapter 1 "Texts/Constructs" (WAW 34-36), Intro to Project 1
W 3/28 LAB Create WP Account, User Page, Update Course Page, Intro to Project 1 (Resource: Create an Account/User Page Handout); Discussion:
R 3/29 Discussion: "The Phenomenology of Error" (WAW 37-51)

Week 2

M 4/2 Discussion: "Intertextuality and the Discourse Community" (WAW 86-96)
T 4/3 LAB Editing Basics; Article Selection / Exploration (
W 4/4 Discussion: "All Writing is Autobiography" (WAW 56-65)
R 4/5 LAB Article Selection Due; Update Course Page; Explore History and Talk Pages looking for Gap: Homework Begin Researching

Week 3

M 4/9 Discussion: "Shitty First Drafts" (WAW 301) / Assign and Brainstorm Wikipedia Reflection Essay (How does Wikipedia Help You Understand a Writing Construct)
T 4/10 LAB Incorporating Sources (,_part_1.ogv Drafting / Continue Researching
W 4/11 Discussion: "Rhetorical Situations and Their Constituents" (WAW 101)
R 4/12 LAB Go Live/ Project 1 due-Update Articles in Class

Week 4

M 4/16 Wikipedia Reflection Due to Blogs; Project 2 Assignment, Intro to DALN
T 4/17  Discussion: Chapter 3 Intro (WAW 328) and "Superman and Me" (WAW 362)
W 4/18 Discussion: "Sponsors of Literacy" (WAW 331)
R 4/19 LAB: Registration and Exploration of DALN

Week 5

M 4/23 Discussion: "The Future of Literacy" (WAW 395)
T 4/24 Thesis seeking vs. Thesis driven Writing; Student Example Workshop
W 4/25 Discussion: "From Pencils to Pixels" (WAW 442)
R 4/26 LAB Registration and Drafting

Week 6

M 4/30 Discussion: "Protean Shapes in Literacy Events" (WAW 367)
T 5/1 Discussion: "Learning to Read" (WAW 353)
W 5/2 Peer Review
R 5/3 Open-Lesson
F 5/4 Literacy Narratives due via email attachment at noon

Week 7

M 5/7 Intro to Project 3; "The Concept of Discourse Community" (WAW 466)
T 5/8  Discourse Community Selection and Approval
W 5/9 Discussion: "Literacy, Discourse and Linguistics" (WAW 481)
R 5/10 LAB Revise and Submit Literacy Narratives (after receiving my feedback); Send a copy to me for final grade

Week 8

M 5/14 Discussion: "Discourse Communities and Communities of Practice" (WAW
T 5/15 LAB: Proposals Due on blog; Discussion: What's a Lit Review? / Drafting the lit Review (so far)
W 5/16 Discussion: "Identity, Authority, and Learning to Write in New Workplaces"
R 5/17 LAB: Drafting Interview Questions: Homework-INTERVIEW

Week 9

M 5/21 Discussion: "Learning to Serve: The Language and Literacy of Food Service Workers"
T 5/22  Ethnography Structure and Rubric
W 5/23 Discussion "Argument as Conversation" (WAW 9); Finding a Niche
R 5/24 Discussion: "Coaches Can Read, Too" (WAW 557)

Week 10

M 5/28- No class
T 5/29 Peer Review 1
W 5/30 LAB Drafting /
R 5/31 Peer Review 2

Final Thursday, 6/7 @ 10:10 Ethnographies due via e-mail